Lower Your Mailchimp Bill: Archive Your Unsubscribed Contacts

Mailchimp charges by the number of contacts you have.

If you have people in your audience who aren’t interested, don’t pay to send them emails.

The Basics of Cleaning Your Audience

  • Archiving contacts does not erase their data, it just takes them out of your contacts. They can be added back in at any time.
  • Do not delete contacts! Deleted contacts can never be added back to your audience even if they re-subscribe.

Step 1: Archive UNSUBSCRIBED contacts

Mailchimp will charge you for contacts who have chosen to unsubscribe even though you can no longer email them. Archiving these contacts will take them out of your contact count and if they decide to re-subscribe, they’ll just jump right back into your audience with all of their data.

1. Run a SEGMENT for all UNSUBSCRIBED contacts

*** This is now called Email Subscription status ***

2. Select All

3. Actions -> Archive

4. Follow Up

Archiving your contacts can take some time and will show in your notifications in the bottom left of your screen when it’s done.

After it is complete, you can refresh your screen and your number of Contacts and Subscribers should be close to the same number.

If they are not, do a search for Non-Subscribers.

Review your current Mailchimp Plan. With fewer contacts, you may be able to lower the number of contacts you are paying for.

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