We work with businesses of all sizes, social media managers, and individual influencers to create the magic behind the scenes that enable their brands to grow.  We pride ourselves on being adaptive to the different needs of each client and account.  The uniqueness of accounts is what makes them successful and we want to help make those special things shine.

Mailchimp Email Marketing

There is nothing like a great email!  Email is the most successful marketing tool and a great way to stay in touch with your clients.  We love creating customized email strategies and unique emails that represent your unique brand.

Mailchimp Set Up

  • Create email landing page will have a URL you can link to, so clients can sign up for your email list
  • Import and organize your email subscribers
  • Create and automate welcome new subscribers
  • Design an email template to be used for all future emails

Email Campaign includes:

  • Creation of newsletter content including formatting and creation of custom graphics
  • Revisions to emails as needed and obtaining final approval before sending
  • Testing of emails on mobile
  • Resend to unopened email recipients when appropriate


Successful email campaigns must be eye catching and get right to the point.

Facebook Ads Management

Paid social media advertising is a cost effective way to strategically deliver your marketing message to exactly the clients you are looking to reach. Targeted ads can introduce your brand to a new audience, offer promotions to people who have already visited your site, and more.

  • Creation of Facebook Ads strategy
  • Writing of ad copy and sourcing of images used in ads
  • Set up of ideal targeting audiences
  • Running variations of ads to find top performing audience, headlines, ad copy, image types, placement, etc.
  • Monitoring of ads on a daily basis, so that revisions can be made to optimize effectiveness
  • Report on effectiveness of ads and budgeting


Simple, bold images and inviting headlines are what get clicks. Every ad will run in several versions to perfect the formula that gets the best results.

Social Media Management

Your social media platforms often the first time your potential customers meet your brand. It is the sign on the front of your building. It needs to represent the wonderful work that you are doing and inspire the client to find out more.

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

  • Creation of social media marketing strategy based on your specific goals
  • Create content including custom graphics and client provided content
  • Each post will include a unique caption and hashtags to optimize search-ability


The goals of each social media platform are different. For example, Instagram is a visual medium, good for telling the story of your business. Facebook is a better platform for communicating information.

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