Email Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s start off the new year with a couple of promises to ourselves. Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing and some little tweaks can make a whole lot of difference.

1. Clean Your Audience Regularly

First, don’t forget to archive your unsubscribed contacts. Once you’ve done that it’s time to make decisions about the contacts in your audience who are not opening your emails. Having people who are regularly not interacting with your emails can increase to odds that your campaigns end up in the Spam folder.

You have 3 choices for these folks:

  1. Send a re-engagement campaign to ask them if they still want to be on the list
  2. Email them less overall
  3. Just archive them

2. Review Your Click Maps

The report for every email campaign includes a Click Map. This will show you where in your email people are clicking.

  1. Use this to confirm that your email design is functioning the way you want it to. Are people clicking where you want them to? (HINT: they’re probably clicking on the button that’s near the top of the email)
  2. Let clicks drive your future content. If your emails cover several topics, it will be clear what your subscribers are gravitating towards.
  3. Tag individual contacts based on what link they clicked on. Export the list of subscribers who clicked on a link, then import them back into your audience and tag them on the import.

3. Review All of Your Default Settings

There are all kinds of things your contacts are seeing that may need updating for content or branding. It’s time to give everything a good review.

  1. Default forms: Audience -> Signup form -> Form builder
  2. FROM name: Audience -> Settings -> Audience name and campaign defaults
  3. Footer Address & Opt-in Statement: Audience -> Settings -> Required email footer content
  4. Stop receiving out-of-office replies to campaigns: Profile -> Settings -> Details -> Manage automatic replies
  5. Automated Welcome Emails

4. Send a Monthly Newsletter

It’s only twelve emails. You’ve got this and it will make a huge difference in your business. Just imagine being able to check in with all of your contacts at the same time. You can give them helpful tips, remind them of how you can help them, or just say hi. You’ll be amazed by how many of them reply to your email to ask you a question or talk business.

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