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Getting Started

Email Template

Landing Page

Upload Contacts

Embed a Video in An Email

Customize Default Forms

Contact Organization Explained

Canva Tutorial: Designing Graphics for Dark Mode Emails

Exporting Canva Graphics for Emails

How much is Mailchimp?

Bulk Tagging in Mailchimp: 3 Easy Ways to Organize Contacts Efficiently

Automated Emails

Welcome Email – Classic Automation

Email from a Tag – Classic Automation

Welcome Email – Journeys Tool

Connect Mailchimp Customer Journey Automation to Slack with Webhooks

2 Ways to Combine Audiences in Mailchimp


Merge Tags

Remove Mailchimp Logo

Pasting Text into Mailchimp

Fixing Your Footer

How To Send A Mailchimp Email To One Person

Change a Mailchimp Email Campaign into an Automation

Fixing Your Mailchimp Welcome Email

Removing “Cleaned” Contacts in Mailchimp

Email Marketing Tricks

Valentine’s Day Email Graphic In Canva

Resend An Email to People Who Didn’t Open It

Create An Easy Button Survey

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