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1-on-1 Mailchimp Training / Work Session

Mailchimp offers so many amazing features, but getting started or maximizing its effectiveness can be overwhelming. On our call, we’ll cover all of your questions as well as anything else I think you should know. We can also work together to complete some of the tasks on your to-do list.

1 hour call – $200

30 minute call – $100

Topics can include:

  • Audience organization
  • Campaign creation
  • Email marketing best practices
  • Automation creation
  • Analysis of current email marketing strategy
  • Email template creation
  • Custom graphic creation in Canva
  • Troubleshooting current issues
  • Create a campaign, automation, or landing page together
  • Support by email after our call

Mailchimp Email Marketing

I will manage every part of your email marketing. This includes overall strategy, audience organization, email newsletter creation, automations, and more.


Template Creation

By creating an email template for your business, you will be able to customize effective, professional looking emails consistently every time. Every template is creating in collaboration with you and includes interchangeable custom graphics.


Odds & Ends

Do you need an expert to give you a boost or straighten things out for you a bit? I can help you clean up your audience list, talk through strategy, create email graphics, give you feedback, etc.

Upcoming Webinars

“I can’t tell you how amazing our call with Marti was. She hit all the major points and managed the call extremely well, minimizing small talk and cutting right to what is important. I honestly don’t know if I have ever had a more productive tutorial call on anything.”  ~ Ian Harrison

Email Marketing

Speaking Engagements


I am available to speak to professional groups, entrepreneurs, and non-profits about how to maximize their email marketing.

Presentations are adapted to fit the needs of the industry and the variety of experience of the audience. Presentations do not need to focus on Mailchimp. The basics of email marketing apply to all platforms.

Email Marketing Presentation
“Marti came and wowed our NSA chapter with her knowledge of email marketing, mailing lists, and specifically, MailChimp marketing. I considered myself quite knowledgeable about MailChimp, but came out of the session with a few changes to my strategies that I started implementing immediately, and I expect I will see performance improvement. More than that, she is a very pleasant presenter, making it easy to learn from her. I trust her!”
Yoram Solomon, Ph.D., MBA, LLB
Author, The Book of TRUST
Host, The TRUST Show Podcast

Current Certifications

Email Marketing Certification

MailChimp offers certifications in many categories.

With their every-changing features, certifications expire after one year.


“We couldn’t be happier with Marti Kerner’s designs. Her exceptional work, which always sets the right tone, has increased our reach, audience base, and enabled our growth. She is extremely creative, professional and timely. There is no one else we would rather work with. ”  ~ Chris Goodrich, Unexpected Stage Company

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