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If you’re starting out creating recipes or if you’ve been doing it for a long time, the goal is always to get more people to see your work. This post, Pinterest for food bloggers will show you the easiest ways to get traffic to your food blog. Pinterest users are always looking for great recipes and I’ll give you my tips for getting your food pins seen.

Setting Up Your Pinterest Account

When setting up your Pinterest account, create a new account using your business name and set it up as a business account. A business account will allow you access to the backend analytics that will allow you to see which of your pins and boards are getting the most traffic. Fill in all of the fields. Use as many keywords as possible in your paragraphs, anything that would help people find you when they’re searching.

Creating Your Pinterest Boards

The more the merrier. Create Pinterest boards for all of the topics that your ideal follower might be looking for recipes for. This includes boards for different dietary needs, meals, holidays, etc. Make sure that you fill out the title of the board as well as the descriptions.

Get Tailwind

There are many social media planning programs out there, but Tailwind is made specifically for Pinterest and will save you so much time! They’re also really helpful when it comes to educating you on how to make your pins work better. Tailwind allows you to create a lot of pins and then schedule them to be posted to different boards. They also make it very easy to repost other people’s pins.

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Creating a Pinterest Community

Pinterest has Group Boards that you can join along with other food bloggers with similar interest. All bloggers add to these boards and therefore the boards get a lot more traffic. It’s a great way to get your pins to more eyes.

Tailwind has a function called Communities that similarly connect you with people making similar content, everyone posts their pins into these communities with the understanding that the other member share your pins.

Making Pins with Canva

My favorite way of creating pins is to use Canva. Canva is the most popular online graphic design program. They have tons of easy templates to use and will save your brand colors and logo. When making pins, make sure to make a variety of styles for reach recipe. You never know when one will get the most clicks. It may not be the one that matches your branding and ultimately, getting people to your food blog is the most important thing.

Tailwind also offers a pin creation function. I’d suggest giving it a try, however I still like Canva more.

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