Why TikTok Creators Need An Email List

I have spent the last year fully absorbed by all of the amazing information I’ve been learning through TikTok. Thousands of TikTok creators are sharing their passions, creating businesses, and bringing together whole communities. The addition of the creator fund has allowed creators to make a living off of their hard work, but a TikTok following can be unstable. This is why you need an email list.

You’re Dependant on the TikTok Algorithm

While TikTok creators may have a following of hundreds of thousands, individual videos get shown to just a fraction of those followers. These loyal followers chose to follow you. They want to see your content. With an email list, you’ll be able to contact all of them directly without depending on the algorithm.

Grow Your Business

Have you been looking to create a business from your TikTok following? Perhaps your offering merchandise or teaching classes. The easiest way to tell your followers about this is through email. Your followers are your customers. They already love you, so tell them what you’re up to.

TikTok Can Shut Down Your Account

We’ve seen this happen way too many times. A creator has worked hard to create amazing content, built a following, is making money from the Creator Fund. Then they are banned from posting or their account is shut down altogether. This can happen for many reasons, but suddenly everything you’ve worked so hard for is gone. The wonderful thing about having people sign up for your email list is that you own your list. You can contact your people any time you want and no one can take it away.

How to Start Your Email List

Getting Started with MailChimp

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