4 Quick Ways to Grow Your Email List from In-Store Customers

Whether you have an e-commerce presence or your solely a physical store. You need an email list. Email marketing is the most effective way to keep in touch with your customers once they leave your store. Keep them informed of new products, current specials, restock reminders, and upcoming events. Here are strategies to turn your in-store customers into valuable email subscribers:

1. POS Integration:

  • Collect customer emails during checkout.
  • Automate the process by integrating your sales platform with your email marketing platform. You can do this through a natural Mailchimp integration or by using Zapier.
  • You can also periodically export the information from your POS system and import it into Mailchimp.

2. QR Code at Register:

  • Place a prominent QR code at the checkout counter.
  • Link it to a mobile-friendly sign-up page.
  • QR CodeMonkey is my current favorite place to make QR codes.

3. Place a QR Code in Bags/Boxes:

  • Include an attractive sign-up form in shopping bags or shipping boxes.
  • Highlight the benefits of subscribing.
  • Here’s a Canva template.

4. “Online Only” Promo Code:

  • Promote exclusive online discounts in-store.
  • Make subscribing a requirement for access.
  • Send the promo code instantly upon subscription.

These strategies will help you leverage your physical store to grow your email list effectively and connect with your customers more personally, ultimately boosting your business.

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