3 Ways to Reuse Email Newsletters

You’ve taken a lot of time and care to create your monthly newsletter, but not everyone will get to see it. Don’t let that great content go to waste. Here are three strategies for getting the most out of the time and effort you’ve put into marketing your business.

Resend Unopened Emails

A lot of effort goes into email campaigns, from creating engaging content to designing attractive layouts. Yet, many recipients will not open your email initially. Instead of wasting your efforts, consider resending the same newsletter to non-openers. Adjust the subject line to grab their attention, send it at a different day and time, and provide another opportunity for interaction. This can greatly enhance your open rates and reach a broader audience segment.

Add it to Your Welcome Series

Incorporate your top-performing newsletters into your welcome series for new subscribers who missed your earlier content. This not only enriches their introduction but can also introduce them to a variety of your content. Their interaction with this content can be tracked to learn their interests. Starting off with your most engaging and relevant material fosters a deeper, enduring relationship.

Post it on Social Media

Share your newsletter on social media to reach a broader audience, including those who haven’t yet subscribed. This enhances your reputation as an expert in your field and attracts new subscribers. With Mailchimp, each email campaign comes with a shareable URL. You can customize your Social Cards to display a chosen photo and description with your link, and even automate posts to Facebook.

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