Why Your Email Shouldn’t Be One Big Image

We all want to have stunningly designed emails, but creating them as one large image can cause problems with how your email functions.

Images Don’t Always Load

We often take it for granted that everyone views emails the way we do, but there are plenty of people who have chosen to turn off the images in their email. With an email that is entirely one image, they will be getting a blank email from you.

The same is true for emails that are opened on phones in an area with poor service. Emily Ryan from Westfield Creative demonstrates it perfectly in this TikTok.


If your email is one giant graphic, beware it may not load for everyone. #dailytip #email #graphicdesgin #emailmarketing #greenscreensticker @everlane

♬ original sound – emily | Mailchimp Pro Partner

Images Shrink In Mobile, Text Doesn’t

Text size in emails is vital to making sure that your message comes across successfully. This year over 40% of emails are opened on phones and the recommended minimum font size is 16pt.

Source: Kinsta.com

When you use text in your email it will adjust to the size of your screen and still be large enough to be easily read when viewed on a phone. However, images just get smaller on a smaller screen. Text used in an image can get so small that it is difficult if not impossible to read.

It is important to give your audience a variety of links to click on then bring them to various destinations. This will not only provide a better experience for them but will give you insight into what your audience is interested in. This can be done on a large image through HTML coding of an image map, but often isn’t done. The most common thing I’ve seen is just attributing one link to the whole image.

Looking for that one image look, but with some text? Try these tips (or hire a pro):

  • Use a background image with text block and transparent png files on top
  • Break up your image with text desciptions, links, and buttons
  • Create images that match your backgroud color for seemless transitions between images and text
  • Always preview your email on mobile
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