4 Things Your Mailchimp Subscribers Can See That You Might Not Know About

Your Audience Name

It would be reasonable to assume that what you decide to name your audience is totally internal, but it’s not. That audience name will show up in the subject line of any emails that are sent out regarding their subscription to your list. For example, double opt-in emails, signup confirmation, and update preferences forms.

To change the name of your audience go to Audience -> All Contacts -> Settings -> Audience name and defaults

Physical Mailing Address

This one often comes as a surprise to small business owners who are working out of their homes. The FCC mandates that all emails have an unsubscribe link and a physical mailing address at the bottom. If you’re uncomfortable using your home address, consider getting a PO Box or using a work address.

To update this footer information go to Audience -> All Contacts -> Settings -> Required email footer content

All of the Forms

Mailchimp has forms that are automatically sent out for all subscription-based interactions. While you have limited control over when they send and the subject lines, you can control some of the content and the look of these forms. The default on these forms is grey with the name of your audience on top. Editing the look of the first form to add your logo and change the colors to match your branding will update all the other forms as well. You can thing go through the forms one by one to adjust the wording as you see fit.

To customize your forms go to Audience -> Signup forms -> Form builder

Watch my video tutorial


That “View this email in your browser” that is at the top of your emails will lead your subscribers back to the archive that holds all of your previous email campaigns. That’s right. The last 20 emails you’ve sent can be accessed by your subscribers provided that you give them that link. You can share this archive link on your website or social media if you want people to be able to look at the back issues of your newsletter. You can also limit what the email looks like in the archive to hide things like coupon codes or information that should only be available to certain people.

You can find more information about your Campaign Archive here.

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